Who Is Nate Slamans?

Nate Slamans is a $10,000,000+ Amazon Seller, serial entrepreneur who has built several 7-figure brands, and co-host of The Amazing Freedom Podcast He’s an expert at building teams & creating systems. He’s hired and managed over 250 team members for various businesses and taught others the power of outsourcing. He helped co-found the Amazon Seller Tribe where over one hundred Amazon sellers have become million dollar sellers. 

Your Trusted Team on Amazon Selling

In 2015, Nate hated his job as a financial adviser and thought he’d be stuck there forever. Every Sunday night he would get sick thinking about going into work the next day and knew there had to be more to his career. He broke free from the 9-5 by building a cash-flowing Amazon business and quickly started helping other sellers reach their financial goals as well. Nate’s helped build the Amazing Freedom team to include top experts on Amazon selling, arbitrage, brand building, money, business and life who are passionate about share the message of FREEDOM to everyone who wants more out of life. 

The Amazing Freedom Podcast

Become a true ‘owner’ and change your financial picture forever. Join Andy Slamans and Nate Slamans every week and peak into their personal journey of building a $10,000,000 ecommerce brand. The Amazing Freedom Podcast has been downloaded nearly a million times by sellers looking to navigate the Amazon jungle and come out on top. 


Find Out Where You Need To Start 

Ready to become a million dollar seller? Spoiler alert: It won’t happen overnight… But you can do it! Most people have no clue where to startWe’ll give you a short cut and everything you need to get started – for free!