Who Is Gaye Lisby?

Gaye Lisby is a million dollar Amazon Seller and Founder of the Amazon Seller Tribe. After having to start her entire life over in her 50’s, Gaye went from broke and alone to 7-figure seller and an inspiration to hundreds. In 2017, she created Tribe OA Leads that now provides profitable Amazon leads to hundreds of sellers every day. She co-leads the Amazon Seller Tribe with Garry Ray where over one hundred Amazon sellers have become million dollar sellers. 

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Selling on Amazon should be fun, not stressful. Hear inspiring stories from other Amazon sellers and learn practical tips on how to sell more, avoid mistakes and reach your goals faster on the Amazon Seller Tribe Show.  

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From $2 cookbook to 7-Figure Business?

Gaye had to start life over nearly 10 years ago… She had no money and no online selling experience. But she had a lot of heart and determination. She flipped a $2 cookbook she found at a garage sale into a milliondollar Amazon business, and now she helps hundreds of others start, grow and succeed in their very own Amazon accounts. Join Gaye in the Amazon Seller Tribe. 


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