Who Is Deanna Slamans?

Not long ago, Deanna Slamans and her husband Andy were in debt, stressed out and discontent. Since that time, they’ve successfully started and sold a 7-figure brand and now operate an 8-figure brand. Deanna is a print-on-demand fanatic that has coached dozens of sellers on how to successful sell on POD platforms like Etsy and Merch By Amazon. She made over $40,000 with her Etsy store in 2021 alone with no money down and less than a year of operation! 

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The Amazing Freedom Podcast

Become a true ‘owner’ and change your financial picture forever. Join Andy Slamans and Nate Slamans every week and peak into their personal journey of building a $10,000,000 ecommerce brand. The Amazing Freedom Podcast has been downloaded nearly a million times by sellers looking to navigate the Amazon jungle and come out on top. 

Deanna’s Recommendation To Get Started

Not sure how to start? Don’t have a ton of extra money? Start here!

Deanna has successfully been able to create steady extra income every month using Print on Demand. And the best part? She has virtually NO overhead expenses or cash investment in the business! POD allows you to get started with low/no money down, use your creativity to make money and has unlimited scale potential! 

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Find Out Where You Need To Start 

Ready to become a million dollar seller? Spoiler alert: It won’t happen overnight… But you can do it! Most people have no clue where to startWe’ll give you a short cut and everything you need to get started – for free!