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Amazing Freedom

Most people struggle at creating their dream Amazon business and we don’t want you to be one of them. We’re on a mission to help one million people create 7-figure businesses online so that they can pursue the things they truly love (family, freedom, passions and more).

Our 1 Million Journey

Join over 300 Amazon sellers who actively enjoy these perks from the Amazon Seller Tribe

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A community of highly engaged, helpful, positive, focused, and well-informed Amazon sellers dedicated to reaching their Amazon goals. We have brand-new sellers and pro sellers inside who are getting life-changing VALUE every week. 

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AMZ Professional

Ready to get your money back that Amazon owes you? Our Amz professional team currently manages hundreds of Amazon accounts and has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in reimbursement money!!

Amazon Seller Tribe

The Amazon Seller Tribe is a community formed by three of the most successful Amazon private label brand builders and retail arbitrage sellers of today: Andy Slamans, Gaye Lisby, and Garry Ray.

What can Amazing freedom do for you

Get Valuable Training to Start & Strengthen Your Amazon Business 

The Tribe has HOURS AND HOURS of valuable videos to help you get started selling on Amazon OR scale your Amazon business to the next level. 

Join Monthly Webinars & Get Your Questions Answered

Keep up on the latest information that is critical for ongoing success.. Stay up-to-date on the latest strategies that are working for sellers right now. Ask Gaye, Garry, and Andy any questions about your business that you have live during the show.

Day-to-day Information

Learn something valuable each day from peers and mentors inside the Tribe. See what challenges other sellers face and learn from their experiences. You can also discover some tips and tricks along the way on how to do a certain thing that relates to selling on Amazon.

Connect, Network And Establish A Support System

You will be put into a great position to network with people in the Amazon seller space. Find friends and become part of a community that continues to crush their goals and live the financial freedom they deserve.

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Build Your Own Cash Flow Machine With Us! ​

Our system aims to produce the most 7-figure Amazon sellers. That’s why we made simple-to-follow steps and actionable strategies to get you started in as short as seven days! And for our veteran sellers out there, our coaching programs and live webinars will keep you updated on the current trends. No one gets left behind inside our Amazing Group! And get this, you don’t have to worry about where to source your products. We offer sure-fire product listings that you can use that will determine your success!



7-Figure Amazon Advice

Network with industry leading sellers and instantly receive valuable ideas.


7-Figure Success Stories

Be inspired by hundreds of success stories you will have access to… (We want you to be next!)


​​7-Figure Insider Secrets

Discover the tactics and strategies used by 7-figure Amazon Sellers real-time.


7-Figure Growth Patterns

Claim membership in an exclusive group that shows you the frameworks and patterns used by million dollar sellers.

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