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Garry’s July Numbers 2022

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Hi everybody, Garry here. I’m going to do something a little different this month and share a set of numbers that you won’t normally hear about. And if your upbringing was from humble roots like mine, you’re really going to appreciate these numbers. I’m talking about my cash back payments. 

I’ll happily accept cash in any form it arrives to me! I’ve worked hard since I was six or seven years old, as I imagine many of you have. If I find a penny I’m going to pick it up. So the introduction of cash back services seems almost too good to be true some months, and July was one of those. 

I use three different services that I talk about in greater depth at our Tribe conferences, and they are BeFrugal, Rakuten, & TopCashBack. You can find these sites with a quick Google search. There are other similar services, but these three are the ones that work best for us. 

cash back earnings

Since I’m primarily OA in my Amazon operations, it’s easy for our buyers to purchase through these services, and when they do those purchases qualify me for cash deposits into my bank account, which my lovely wife and I then deposit into a savings account. We don’t just automatically use the same service for all our purchases. Instead we use the one that’ll pay us the most. So some months my payment from BeFrugal is bigger than my payment from TopCashBack, and vice versa. 


But for the month of July BeFrugal paid me $474.80 for purchasing via their service. TopCashBack paid me $1,711.24. Since Rakuten only pays quarterly I’m not including their total here, but that will be significant too. 


I want to also highlight our credit card here, as this is part of our monthly strategy, and this is something you’ll also hear about in greater depth if you sign up for Tribe coaching. We have a specific card that we use that maximizes our cash back, and I’ve set the threshold to $500. So every time I reach the cash back threshold of $500, the credit card company deposits that money right into my bank account. I received SIX deposits during the month of July for a total of $3,000! Now friends, some of you might be thinking ‘that’s more than I make at my full-time job’ where you’re exchanging 40 (or more) of your precious hours a week. And when you add in the cash back I received from the other services, you see that my total for July was over $5,100 in cash back deposits. In one month. 


I don’t say this to frustrate you or to brag, I share this to encourage you. I want you to BELIEVE in yourself, and realize your dream of owning your own arbitrage business. It is most definitely possible to provide for your family, to live the life you’ve imagined, and Amazing Freedom is here to help. 


This is the kind of ‘hidden’ information that we share when you join us in Tribe. Some might consider using these extra steps to make purchases as boring work, but I can assure you that just like the pro athlete that gets excited for the practice, the drills, and the first game, if you master the mundane parts of your arbitrage business, you will be rewarded richly!