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Published Date: June 22, 2022, at 5:30 PM


Achieving another important milestone in our Amazon business

Hey friends, Andy here!

If you’ve been one of our loyal followers, you are aware of the advice and recommendations we give for not only selling on Amazon, but for building and scaling your business in general. We’ve mentioned many times that when we started selling on Amazon, we did much of the leg work ourselves. We prepped & shipped ourselves. We’ve unloaded dozens and dozens of containers ourselves. We personally took customer service calls. As we grew, we saw the need to hire VAs and other employees to help us manage our daily tasks. This helped us to work ON our business, not just IN our business.

If you want to grow and increase your sales revenue, you’re eventually going to need to outsource your work and put some systems into play. That’s one of the decisions that helped us grow, expand, and eventually reach the $10M sales mark. We definitely have short term goals to scale our business, but our ultimate long-term goal is health and wealth. We are pushing toward the next level of generational wealth and not just looking at our year-to-year sales revenue. Over the past several months, I’ve committed to getting back into shape. I’ve been working out 2 hours a day for several months, and I feel great. Without your health, you have nothing, so taking the time to get fitter than I have been in a decade was a goal I’m glad to say I have achieved. But it couldn’t have been done without my valuable team of employees whose hard work and leadership have allowed me to meet my health & wealth goals.


Finding the Right People for the Right Seats

Nate and I recently took another super important (and scary!) step in our brand. We made our biggest hire ever! We have a goal of getting to $30M in yearly sales over the next few years, and we knew we needed to make some key hiring decisions to make it happen.

So we hired a VP of Operations! Just saying that sounds kind of funny. A few short years ago I was a social worker taking care of high school boys, and now I am hiring VP’s 😀. We are excited by the expertise and knowledge of our new hire, as he holds an MBA and has worked in the corporate world for several decades. He previously managed a fortune 500 company, and he currently runs his own successful eCommerce business. We feel he will not only propel us to the next level of financial success, but we are excited to pass along some of the big responsibilities that come with managing our brand on a daily basis. Bringing a high-level executive on board will give us the additional time and the freedom to do other things, both professionally and personally.

My main recommendation for finding new hires for upper-level positions in your Amazon business is networking. Go to a local business gathering in your community, rub shoulders with other people in the industry, talk to people in your church or in groups you belong to. Look for like-minded people with similar values, belief systems, and energy levels. I’m going to break down hiring considerations into four quadrants and explain each. You don’t have to hire a team, but keep in mind that most businesses in America never reach $1M in sales. Why? I feel it’s because they missed the mark in scaling and making key hiring decisions. You can’t make important business decisions and plans if you are constantly tied up in daily tasks. Consider this guidance as you move forward in your Amazon journey:

Many private businesses in the US never reach the million-dollar mark, but I want you to be able to develop systems that will grow your business. Remember, you want to work ON your business, not just forever IN your business. Hiring key people to fill important roles will not only help you scale, but it will afford you more time, more freedom, and more opportunities. You need to find good people for leadership positions in your business.

Our ultimate freedom plan involves moving into Quadrant 4.

Take the time to learn more by visiting and becoming an Insider.

Keep an eye out for our new training and teaching series. By the beginning of July, we’ll be releasing our 6-module series that you don’t want to miss. You’ll learn how to develop your own Freedom Plan and put the systems in place that will help you get there.

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Motivation, Support, & Inspiration

Team Work Pays Off

In the course of just 18 months, Ben and Diana Muresan reached the Gold Lanyard status with over a million dollars in sales. They credit their fast and fabulous success to the Amazon Seller Tribe which they have been members of for the past year. They appreciate the advice and techniques they’ve learned from Gaye, Garry, and several others, but they also value the constant encouragement they received along the way.

That’s what our seller Tribe is all about. We won’t just teach you how to run a successful Amazon business, we’ll stand behind you and give you a boost when you need it. Ben and Diane encourage others who aren’t quite where they want to be in their Amazon journey to not give up.

And to top it off, Ben and Diane have recently celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary. A marriage is similar to running an Amazon business, they both take strategy, hard work, and commitment. Ben and Diane have certainly showed us that when a team works cooperatively together towards a common goal, it’s definitely a win-win for everyone.


hiring who?

In episode 24 of the Amazing Freedom Podcast, we discuss hiring the right people for the right positions so that you can work ON your business, not IN your business. It’s all about bringing capable, talented folks onboard to handle daily tasks so you can focus on the BIG PICTURE!

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