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Gaye’s May 2022 Numbers

real people working with real money

Real people -working with real money – creating real income! 

There’s Always Room for Growth 

My goal is for you to be inspired to reach greater heights as I talk about my May numbers. I’ll share some interesting information about them, and I’ll do my best to motivate you to do more, learn more, and accomplish more.  

One of the questions I am frequently asked is what kind of products I resell. My products include a wide range of goods including: baby essentials, toddler shoes, sports bras, eye sticks for puffiness, phone cases, sunglasses, insulated mugs, Lego sets, and several more. As I’m looking down this chart, I see a real winner, but I prefer to keep this little gem a secret. The buy cost of one specific product was $155 and the sell price was $298. It’s evident that there are still some exceptionally profitable price-to sale products out there.   

After a quick look at my screen, we can see a total sales revenue for the month of $142,095.94, expenses of $115,642 and a net profit was $11,828.   

I’m a little disappointed with my net profit for May, but I see this as price erosion and believe it is due to the fact that people are feeling insecure about the economy. But my number of units bought and sold remained relatively the same, and so I’m satisfied with that aspect of my month.  


Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs alike understand that one of the goals is not just income, but specifically passive income. My May numbers are almost exclusively passive profits. I truly value my buyers and team of preppers & shippers, and I recognize that their efforts make possible the passive income I am currently enjoying. I encourage anyone who has hired individuals to be part of your team to continue to appreciate the work they do that promotes your success. There are so many ways to show appreciation, and I try to be creative & have fun with this. 

While I love looking at my numbers and interpreting the data from my retail arbitrage gig, I’d like to remind everyone that at this moment in time, I consider my partnership in the Amazing Freedom Seller Tribe to be my main focus. I love teaching and coaching other sellers, helping them innovate their businesses, and reach for their Gold Lanyard status and $1M in sales. I know the advantages and life-changing benefits that selling on Amazon can have on your life. I remember a time when I realized my marriage wasn’t what I thought it was. I was left alone & broke when I turned to Amazon for help. My grit and determination is definitely what propelled me forward, but I also recognize that the vehicle of Amazon is what gave me the opportunity to reach such incredible prosperity.  

Helping others reach their pinnacle is something I takes seriously, and I love celebrating the accomplishments of other sellers, especially those from the Amazing Freedom Seller Tribe. Recently, my family and I enjoyed a luxury vacation in sunny Florida. We lodged at a beautiful AirBnB owned by a couple of Tribe members who have achieved amazing success after joining the Seller Tribe. I’m reminded once again of the opportunities that are available to those who want to venture into this eCommerce space.   

I’ll wrap up my May numbers presentation by sharing one of my favorite memories with the Amazing Freedom Seller Tribe. At a recent Tribe conference, Garry told members that it was awesome that they had finally reached the level where their Amazon profits could replace the income they received from their jobs and careers outside of Amazon.  

Shockingly, his next words were, “How selfish.”  

His point – there’s always more you can do to change the lives of other people. Continue to accelerate your growth and contribute to groups, organizations, family, and others that you feel are important. Amazon success is your chance to make a real difference. I remember how the crowd was so motivated by this message, and I work every day to promote these same philosophies with everyone I encounters within our Tribe.