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Published Date: June 15, 2022, at 5:30 PM


What’s Your Plan B?

Plan B

Hey friends, Andy here! Hope your week is off to a great start. I’m going to get real personal with you, and share some of my own experiences. I’m sometimes accused of over-sharing, but it is my sincere hope that these intimate personal details make a deep connection with you & give you comfort and encouragement. Let’s get to it!

How I Developed My Plan B

What has selling on Amazon done for me? It has given me freedom. Amazing Freedom! Previous to selling on Amazon full time, my wife and I were working in the human services field. We worked with socially and financially needy children, and this job was mentally and spiritually rewarding. Unfortunately, it was not as financially rewarding. Despite this, we had already planned on retiring from our positions when the rug was suddenly, unexpectedly, and unfairly pulled out from under us.

One of our defined benefits was full health care. If we stayed, working laboriously for 20 years, we would be rewarded with full health care benefits. While the salary was fairly low, the health care benefits were amazing and rare in today’s world of employment. This was a benefit worth easily over $1M! Without discussion, it was pulled as a benefit for the overwhelming majority of employees at our company. This was a pivotal moment for me. It caused me to rethink my future. It pushed me towards a Plan B, something I had not previously considered.

I knew my position in the social services field would never provide me with what my family needed, especially with the health care benefit gone for good. I knew I needed to head in a different direction, and I knew I had to do it in stages, thinking through each step as I went along.

It was then that I started selling on Amazon.

I started small at first, but with success, started growing my business. My wife remained employed there, while I dove full time into Amazon selling and eventually private labeling and brand building. A few years later, my wife was able to quit as well, and helped me scale my business. My Plan B had become a reality.

I have never looked back because being an Amazon seller has allowed me to fulfill a childhood dream held by both myself and my wife. As a child, I always dreamed of living in a big, beautiful home. My wife grew up poor, and it was her dream as well, to reside in a spacious home surrounded by the wonders of nature. Amazon gave us that opportunity.

It also gave us the chance to travel anywhere in the world we desire. Sure, Covid put a damper on that, but we just traveled to Cabo, Mexico for almost two weeks, and we look forward to even more travel in the future.

andy's family

Amazon has not only helped me accomplish my dreams, it has helped me build generational wealth and secure the futures of my children as well. Best of all though, I have made life-long friends and have helped hundreds of others meet their financial goals and dreams.

The Cunning Hare Has Three Burrows: A Chinese Tale on Smart Strategies

Essentially this ancient proverb teaches us:

A smart person always keeps a few options open for himself in face of uncertainties.

This relates to you as an Amazon seller. As you develop your Plan B for getting out of the corporate world, changing your job, or starting an Amazon side hustle, you will have several things to keep in mind.

plan B

You will need diversification, just as the rabbit needs more than one burrow. You will start by selling, but you will need to take the money you make and reinvest it into your Amazon business. Start building your brand, reinvest your profits into adding new products, invest some of your profits into lucrative advertising on social media, and continue to build your business and diversify. In time, you will continue to scale by hiring some trusted VAs and other team members. I built one of my brands in this way and was eventually able to sell it for a huge profit, and this enabled me to continue on in my successful Amazon and personal journey of incredible success and satisfaction.

freedom plan

Don’t get complacent. Check out our Amazon Seller Tribe for invaluable information that may help propel you towards your goals. We currently have 128 of our 550 members reach the $1M distinction! Engage with other sellers, learn from their successes and failures, and put the tips & tricks learned from being a part of this distinguished group to work in your own Amazon business. You’ll be so glad you did.

This series will be available soon, and will help you reach your very own Amazing Freedom. You have heard us say it before – the vehicle you are working on is more important than how hard you work. With Amazon as your vehicle, you have infinite possibilities for success that go way beyond the possibilities that other vehicles can deliver.

Looking for Trends

There is chatter that Amazon is slowing down. While there is some truth to this, it will normalize, and the opportunities will be greater than ever. As you are entering this eCommerce market, you’ll want to keep trends in mind, and Asia is the trend setting giant to follow. Retail trends start in Asia where 90% of the world’s products are manufactured. The trends then spread to Europe and in two years or so, they reach the U.S.A. Keep in mind a small city in China is 20 million people. Here, they have grown accustomed to the 1-to-2 hour ordering opportunity. If you visit China, you will see 1000s of electric motorcycles delivering product just a couple hours after delivery. This trend is starting to evolve in America, and it will continue to grow here as well. There is not only an opportunity for new Amazon sellers, there is a plethora of opportunity for selling, private labeling, and brand building as we head toward the future. We encourage you to start, then reinvest your profits and grow, grow, grow!

But, don’t worry. We are here to help, guide, mentor, and coach you with our incredible offerings:

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The Tribe Family Has Done It Again

People Make the Difference

Three years ago, Alan bailed on a much-anticipated vacation he’d been planning for months. He put this off to attend the very first Tribe meet-up in Branson, Missouri with three other friends and fellow Amazon sellers. Not only did Alan gain a wealth of valuable selling information, he met many old friends and fellow Amazon entrepreneurs. He was further inspired by this conference to start another successful business, Express Ungating Services.

As if all that wasn’t enough, an unexpected, yet life-changing thing happened at the Branson conference. Alan met Amy, and they became the inspiration for what Andy and Gaye lovingly trademarked ‘TribeMatch’

Alan and Amy still successfully sell on Amazon, and they have learned that sharing something with someone you love is much better than doing it alone.


plan A or plan B

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  • [7:10 to 8:04] A smart rabbit has three holes… What does that mean?
  • [10:02 to 10:25] 90% of products worldwide are manufactured in China
  • [11:38 to 12:26] The appetite for home delivery is not dying
  • [15:51 to 18:04] You have to reinvest your profits, being an owner is the ultimate goal!
  • [19:24 to 20:09] What is our Plan B? What is our Freedom Plan?
  • [22:08 to 23:04] The vehicle that you’re working on is often 10x more important than the amount of hard work that you’re putting in

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