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  • The Big Idea: Create an OBSESSED FOLLOWING to reach the next level with your brand
  • Tribe Spotlight of the Week: Find Your Tribe – And Stick With It!
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Published Date: June 8, 2022, at 5:30 PM


If You’re Not Brand & Customer Obsessed, You’re Not Selling in 2022…But It’s Never Too Late!

Do You Have a Raving Fanbase?

Hey friends! Andy here,

We’re all aware of the uncertainty in the global economy right now. We see it on the news, and we feel it at the gas pump & the grocery store alike. Supply chain issues, stock market losses, war….for crying out loud, can someone hit the reset button?!

You might be surprised to hear me say this, but I’m bullish about 2022 and beyond.

No, I don’t have a functioning crystal ball.

What I DO know is that our private label brands can be our life rafts in troubled waters.

But you’ve got to work harder AND smarter to pull this off. The consumer of today is savvy, and not afraid to look elsewhere to save a few dollars. Reaching those consumers got a lot more difficult recently too because of rising Amazon PPC costs.

So how do you do this seemingly impossible task? There are a few things I’d propose that have worked for Nate and I in the last year or two that I’d recommend for everyone reading this.

Brand Loyalty 101

Let’s look at Steve Jobs for a minute. TO THIS DAY there are customers who swear that Apple ‘has their back’ or designs products specifically for them and their creative needs. These good people will put the Apple stickers on their vehicles, bring Apple up in conversations, and defend the brand as they would their own grandmothers.

In short, they’re not just customers, they’re marketers. They spread the brand far and wide…for free.

THIS is the secret sauce, folks.

But you might be squirming as you’re reading this, thinking ‘I’m no Steve Jobs, and my product is no iPhone!’

In our Amazing Freedom Podcast (Season 5, Ep.22) Nate spoke with our own marketing guru – Abs – about how we can ALL create a loyal base of customers. You can listen to their entire convo wherever you get your podcasts, but here are some of the highlights.

One More Thing…

We’ve all had to adjust to selling in this crowded, hyper-competitive market. Like I said up top, it’s not 2016. It’s not even 2021 any more! But we’ve heard YOUR frustrations and challenges, and we’re responding.

Nate and I have been hard at work trying to figure out the best way to pass along what we’ve learned building an 8-figure brand… and we think we just about have it. Hit the reply button and let me know if you would like an inside look at just how we’ve built our brand.

And tell us what works for you. Have you built a loyal following with your brand? Is your raving fanbase spreading the good word about your product in ways that would make Mr. Jobs green with envy? 😆


“I market for the same reason a pilot keeps his engines running once he is off the ground.”

-William Wrigley-

Invite Your Friends and Get Rewarded

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Find Your Tribe – And Stick With It

Just Keep Swimming! 😊

Our Tribe focuses our attention on the many success stories within our group, and the critical life decisions that led them to where they are.

This week, our focus is on Susan. While her story sounds ordinary (starting on eBay, transitioning to Amazon via arbitrage) her numbers are anything but!

After 5 coaching sessions, and her involvement with Tribe 5, 6, AND 7, Susan reports “My business is becoming more efficient…and more profitable. What a blessing to be in this group!”

Thank you so much for believing in yourself enough to join our group and for the kind words. We all admire your commitment to a successful selling business!


$1M cult brand

Click the button below to listen to our full episode.

  • [4:01 to 4:45] This is probably the journey that every Amazon seller goes through!
  • [10:02 to 10:52] What is a complacent market?
  • [16:37 to 17:13] Build a more holistic, well-rounded business that’s not just dependent on Amazon
  • [10:58 to 11:39] Create a cult following for your brand!
  • [12:14 to 12:53] Create a brand that stands for something!
  • [18:35 to 19:35] People care when you care—same thing with your customers!

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Your Friend,

 Andy Slamans


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