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  • The Big Idea: Using Your Supplier to Find $100k/Month Amazon Products
  • Tribe Spotlight of the Week: The $175,600 shortcut
  • Funny Review of The Week

Published Date: May 11, 2022, at 9:30 PM


Using Your Supplier To Find $100k/Month Amazon Products

Hey Everyone!

Andy here.

Today I want to talk about a “Supplier First” approach to finding $100,000+/month products.

Whenever someone hears about the Amazon selling opportunity, they tend to say something like:

“I’m interested in selling on Amazon, but I don’t know what product to sell.”

Sound familiar?

Today I want to share with you another trick that Nate and I used to find profitable products to sell.

It’s one of the things we consistently do, and it has helped us scale our current main brand to over $10,000,000 in annual sales.

Our strategy consists of working with suppliers to identify new product opportunities!

“What?! You can do that?!” 😀

Most people look for products the same exact way. They go to Helium10 or Jungle Scout and use the software’s version of product research. They turn on some pricing, review and size filters and hit search. Then comes hours of mindlessly looking through products.

This can work, but it isn’t the only way. In fact, I’ve never had a lot of success using this method (but I think that may just be a style preference).

Instead, in addition to the various methods we’ve discussed the past few weeks, I really like to use SUPPLIERS to identify product opportunities.

Here’s what I try to do:

Step 1: I identify the customer niche that I am interested in. If you don’t know where to start, I’d suggest thinking through the following areas you may have some specialized knowledge in:

  • Hobbies
  • Interest
  • Expertise

Step 2: After this, I list down all of the things that customers may need to buy in this specific niche. That way once I go to find suppliers I already have an idea what makes sense.

Step 3: I head over to Alibaba and start looking for manufacturers that specialize in this space. To do this you can either search for a specific product you wrote down in step 2, or you can search by category on Alibaba.

Step 4: Explore the manufacturers entire store and ask them what their up and coming best sellers are. Or, I always like to ask if they have any new products that they are working on.

And if you already have a brand you are selling like I do, I still like to check Alibaba weekly to see if there are any new products popping up in my niche.

Over the years, some of our very best selling products that now sell over $100k+/month have come from suppliers that we were ALREADY working with. So we initially started selling one product they made, and then found out even BETTER products that they were able to produce.

If you want to learn more about this, I invite you to watch our full discussion. Click the button below to watch it now.

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There ARE Shortcuts!

Find out how this Amazon Tribe Seller Member reached $175,600 in just one year!

Some people believe that there are no shortcuts to success.

While you need to work hard and invest time in yourself and your business, you can become successful more quickly by doing this one thing…

COPY other peoples success!

This is exactly what one of the tribe members named Dominique did.

In just one year of selling on Amazon, she was able to reach her goal of selling $100,000!

Dominique could have learned all the lessons herself… Figured out everything she needed to do to be successful and taken the long road.

Instead, she took the shortcut by following in the footsteps of so many other Tribe members.

As you can see, the results speak for themselves!

If you are looking for a place where you can grow your business by using cutting-edge methods and shortcuts, the Amazon Seller Tribe is exactly what you need.

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amazon products
  • 03:33 – 04:52 Identify these Key things and your life will be easier!
  • 05:22 – 10:13 The most important question you need to ask your manufacturer
  • 10:18 – 13:57 All about the thought process
  • 14:02 – 18:49 Quality Manufacturers are gold mine!

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Your Friend,

 Andy Slamans


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