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My $5,000,000 Amazon tweak

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Published Date: February 02, 2022, at 10:05 AM

Hey! I am always looking to add value to our community.

This small change resulted in over $5,000,000 in sales for our business so far, so I wanted to pass it along.

In Today’s Roundup:

  • The Big Idea: How This One Small Tweak Added $5,000,000 In Revenue
  • Amazon Trends: The Departure of Some China Products in Amazon
  • Tribe Spotlight of the Week: 6-Figures With a Broken Back?


Last week I shared how my wife Deanna gave me a tip that helped generate an extra $1,000,000 in profit.

Yes, I owe her 😅

After that episode, several people reached out to us and asked these questions:

– Where should I get products from?

– How do I start sourcing within the US?

– Do I have to go to China or import overseas?

And to be honest, these are probably the questions I’ve gotten the most about building a brand on Amazon over the past 7 or 8 years.

And in the past… I’ve always pointed people to China. Because that’s where my experience was at and that’s typically the easiest way to get started.

My $5,000,000 Change:

I still hold to the notion that finding China-made products is easier.

But whether you should always start looking there is starting to change more and more.

Between tariffs, rising import costs, uncertain geo-political environments – there are a lot more factors to consider than when I first started importing from China.

And then a year and a half ago, Nate and I found a couple USA manufacturers that were able to produce products we were looking to bring to Amazon. Since then, we’ve sold over $5,000,000 made in the USA products.

Here’s some other great things about made in the USA:

  • Your products are then made in the USA (duh).
  • Forecasting demand and lead times is way easier. Our products here take weeks from order to arriving at FBA instead of months.
  • Communication isn’t always faster or easier, BUT it has tended to be clearer with less errors.
  • Speed. We have been able to make changes and pivot really fast with our USA manufacturers.

So, should everyone abandon China and look for US manufacturers?

Not quite. There are still so, so many things that just aren’t made here. Entire categories and niches basically have to be made in China. And for the products that can be made here, they are still going to be more expensive generally.

But, we are also hearing of more people going to India, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc. So even if you don’t make a change, you may want to start browsing.

And then as far as long-term selling goes…

The geopolitical environment will continue to change.

And it already started…

For small businesses like us selling on Amazon, you always need to have your antennas up and looking at what could be a catalyst for change.

Let’s face it, right now shipping from China is a little bit of strain.

This was one of the reasons why we looked for US-based manufacturers this past year.

And, unexpectedly, we stumbled upon a treasure that only a FEW Amazon Sellers know about.

With this simple move, our business generated an additional $5,000,000 in revenue.

So, if you want to find out how we looked for our manufacturer here in the US, I urge you to watch our latest podcast episode to learn more.

PLUS, I’ll share with you an opportunity in India that can help you win the Amazon business game in the next 3 to 5 years.

Click the link below to find out what it is.


The Departure of Some China Products in Amazon

The US Government Adds New Sites on Their “Notorious Markets” List

Are you importing your products from China?

The US government is stepping up its game in removing pirated and counterfeited products from all of the e-Commerce platforms operated within its borders.

It has recently added new sites operated by Tencent and Alibaba in their “Notorious Markets” lists.

All of the e-Commerce sites and physical stores operated by these two groups were suspected as businesses that are manufacturing, distributing, and selling counterfeited products, which is against the law.

Now, most Amazon sellers know there have always been fake goods on Alibaba. Ever since we started talking about Alibaba, we’ve told sellers to do due diligence. If you are selling Disney or Nike products you got on Alibaba… you better have done your homework :).

So this is more for unwitting consumers who have been hearing about sites like Aliexpress and Alibaba more and more in recent years.

But, it will be interesting to see if sellers will get some kind of extra import scrutiny in future years.

Right now, the list identifies 42 online markets and 35 physical markets that are reported to engage in or facilitate substantial trademark counterfeiting or copyright piracy.

Amazon also recently poured hundreds of millions of dollars into creating an anti-counterfeit task-force.

Will all this be enough to reduce the number of pirated products being sold on Amazon?

Time may tell.


How This Amazon Seller Tribe Member Built His 6-figure Business ALONE with a Broken Back!

Nothing is impossible in this world, especially if you put in the hard work and believe in yourself.

This is the perfect way to describe Scott’s journey in his Amazon business.

Many people would give up when faced with a daunting challenge.

But, Scott was built differently. In fact, his challenge was so overwhelming that many people would probably just throw in the towel immediately.

You see, Scott broke his back 8 years ago. Because of this, he could no longer work full time. He was searching for ways to make himself busy while his wife was at work and his kids were at school.

Then, he found Amazon.

His curiosity got the best of him. So, he searched and studied Amazon and figured out that he could do it even with his injury.

Through his aching back and newfound passion, he gave everything he could to make selling on Amazon work. He joined the Amazon Seller Tribe to learn more and see how he could turn a hobby into a truly profitable business.

Then, in December 2021, he did the ‘impossible’ and reached 6-figures in sales without any employees helping him out. See the images below for Scott’s full story:


As you can see, the Amazon Seller Tribe is more than just teaching how to sell on Amazon.

Inside, you’ll learn the struggles, challenges, and problems that each member had to overcome to reach their goal.

You’ll also learn the right mindset and habits you need to grow your business.

Just like Scott, you too can overcome any challenge.

Want to see their story firsthand? Or perhaps make it your own? You can start a free trial to the Tribe today:


amazon sales

Tired of continuously dealing with supply chain issues?

Us too!

This is one of the most irritating problems that many Amazon Sellers face in their journey.

After all, it is frustrating to lose revenue because you simply can’t get your product.

But, recently, we’ve become more familiar with USA manufacturing.

And the best part?

We’ve generated an additional $5,000,000 because of this!

So, if you’re interested to find out how we did it, listen to our latest podcast episode.

  • [20:24 to 20:56] There’s a move back to manufacturing in the USA!
  • [29:02 to 29:56] Sweat and work aside, there’s a great opportunity in US manufacturers!
  • [39:13 to 4:00] What makes a very good, viable business?


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