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My wife made me an extra $1Million (profit!)

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Published Date: February 02, 2022, at 10:05 AM

Today’s Roundup:
    • The Big Idea: Ignoring my wife almost cost me $1M dollars…
    • Seller Data: January 2021 REAL stats are here!
    • Tribe Spotlight of the Week: From $50 to $500k
    • First Ever Amazing Freedom Magazine!! (Get free access to January’s edition)
    • Meme of the Week


How my wife helped us make an extra $1,000,000 Profit 🥰

Andy here and I want to tell you about a huge bonehead move I made…

I ignored my wife.

I know, I know – but I’m such a good husband normally!

But good news: she eventually got through to me! And because she did… we made an extra $1Million PROFIT! Yes, not sales – profit.

Have I told you I love my wife? 😆

About 2 years ago, my wife Deanna found a newspaper article about a local manufacturer and told me:

“Hey Andy, look at this. This manufacturer is producing products similar to what you are selling. You should reach out to them”

I gave the article a glance AND… did absolutely nothing with it.

A week later, she brought it up again and said:

“Hey Andy, you should really reach out to that manufacturer.”

I didn’t listen. When you have been married for over 26 years, you tend to minimize what your partner is trying to tell you. And that is exactly what happened to me at that time.

So, I put it on my desk junk pile and a few more months went by.

Finally, Deanna couldn’t stand it anymore. She said “Hey, look. you just need to give them a call, go by their place and see what their operation is.”

That’s when I grudgingly gave in and said…

“Alright, Alright – I will”.

I called them up and I found out they were about 15 miles away from my house. The gentleman on the phone sounded friendly and said I could stop by anytime.

I drove to the manufacturer’s place and talked to them about basically everything that they do. Surprisingly, I found out that they didn’t know much about Amazon because they were an old-school manufacturer.

This is why I always say there’s a ton of opportunity for this type of manufacturer that is not as connected to the internet and eCommerce.

The manufacturer had been dabbling online with their website and Ebay, but zero Amazon.

We placed an order with them for our own private label product and…


Sales took off right away! They couldn’t believe it.

And because of what happened, they needed to hire more people. The manufacturer went from a 2-person operation to a 6-man team in just a few months from the sales we were generating alone.

Because of this partnership, we’ve made $1m in extra profit so far!!

All because I finally listened to my wife. (I cringe to think how much money was lost in those months I ignored her!)

And in our latest podcast, I break down how it all happened and more…

You can click the link below to listen to our latest podcast episode:


January 2021 REAL stats are here!

PPC Data for January 2022

Our January 2022 stats are now available. We hit some MAJOR roadblocks in January…

If you didn’t hear already, on of our best selling products went down for almost the entire month (the reason why will make you mad).😡

The screen shot above is a look at our PPC data, but we break down our total Amazon sales, PPC, margins and more in detail in our latest blog.

It’s all part of $10,000,000 challenge for 2022 – check January’s numbers!


How This Amazing Couple Built their $500k Amazon Business with Just $50 in their pocket!

Jenny and Jim started their Amazon venture in 2017 by joining a few Facebook groups to learn the basics.

It was a difficult time for them because they only had $50 dollars in their pocket!

Can you imagine how difficult it was?

Just like me, they started selling used books that they could find at garage sales and goodwill stores.

Jim continued working at his full-time job to make sure they had enough money to support themselves, while Jenny focused on learning the ropes of growing an Amazon business.

After some time, they moved from looking for products at garage sales to going to big box stores like Walmart and Target. It was a slow, painful process. They had some major highs and some depressing valleys along the way. Jim and Jenny knew they were missing something important, but they couldn’t pin it down.

Then, in 2020, they made a decision that changed their business forever…

They joined the Amazon Seller Tribe and Tribe 4.

Things changed super fast after that.

Before Tribe, they were earning $40,000 per year. Afterwards, their business took off like a rocket and they sold $500,000!

You can read their full story below:


As you can see, the Amazon Seller Tribe is more than just teaching how to sell on Amazon.

Inside, you’ll also learn the right mindset and habits you need to grow your business.

Just like Jim and Jenny, you can experience what’s needed to 10x or 100x your business.

Want to see their story firsthand? Or perhaps make it your own? You can start a free trial to the Tribe today:


$10,000,000 challenge january 2022

I’m REALLY excited for this!

Truth time. I’ve always wanted to be on a magazine cover. But for some reason I haven’t been yet… So we decided to make our own🤣

Today, we’re launching our first-ever Amazing Freedom Magazine where you can read some of the best content we’ve shared in recent months!

You’ll read my awesome story on how I started my Amazon business…


Some of the most valuable information straight from our Amazon Seller Tribe coach, Gaye Lisby.

So, if you’re interested to get a digital copy of this amazing magazine, you can click the link below to download it NOW!


$1M extra profit

Have you ever ignored a really good piece of advice?

Hindsight is 20/20.

Listen to our latest podcast episode to find out how that one piece of advice changed my Amazon business in a big way:

Here’s some more nuggets to pick up:

  • [23:26 to 24:00] A winning thought process to build your brand!
  • [34:53 to 35:25] Start your private label by creating a bundle!


(Here’s a quick roundup of our best reads from the last few weeks)


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