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Published Date: February 02, 2022, at 10:05 AM

Ever dreamed of hitting a huge sales day?

A $10,000 day? A $100,000 day?

It’s sort of like the 4-minute mile… once you hit it – or see someone else hit it.. it seems possible.

See how Andy & Nate hit $350,000 in a single day and more here:

Today’s Roundup:

  • The Big Idea: Making $350,000 Sales In One Day
  • Check your storage! Many sellers are reporting huge increases in their resotck limits.
  • Seller Data: The Brand Distribution Data
  • Tribe Spotlight of the Week: How did this couple go from almost quitting… to hitting Gold Lanyard status in 2021?
  • Tribe 7 is LIVE! Check out the coaching program that has had over 100 million dollar sellers.
  • Meme of the Week



One of the most common questions people ask about selling online is, “can you make 6-figures selling on Amazon?”

Nate and Andy originally had this question as well.

And when they started their latest brand, they dreamed of the day they would hit 6-figure sales months.

Well, not long ago they were able to not only hit 6-figure months consistently… Their Amazon brand generated over $350,000 in just a day!

It was one of those “Thank God we’re in the right business” moments.

Here’s some of the advice they laid out: one of them is this…

  • Put in the work ahead of time: This one is obvious, but it took Andy and Nate thousands of hours and years of work building their brand before they hit their first 6-figure sales day. Put in the work and position yourself to be in the right spot to get lucky.
  • Forecasting is critical: If you aren’t currently, Nate and Andy recommend that you do weekly forecasting on your inventory. They meet with their inventory team every week to go over sales from the past week, any changes in the supply chain and whether they feel the original sales projections they had made are still accurate.
  • Consider alternative shipping methods: Andy and Nate had always shipped by boat for their main products… but when they hit a period of extreme sales, they realized they could still come out ahead (and avoid months of out of stock) by air shipping. If your margins allow and it avoid long periods of out of stock, consider other shipping methods – or get creative.

Set yourself up for good problems!

As you grow and scale on Amazon, you will start to develop the systems needed to handle an ever-increasing number of sales. But sometimes you just don’t forecast correct and go out of stock (and hit $350,000 sales days!).
While this sounds like a dream for most Amazon sellers, reaching this type of success comes with its own set of challenges. Usually those are referred to as “good problems” – but still challenges.
Andy and Nate break down the rest of what they learned from hitting $350,000 in their new video that you can check out here:


We are seeing restock limits increase for many sellers.

Which is great news for most FBA sellers who have been hammered by limits in 2021.

Check out your restock limits on the bottom of the Inventory Health Page:


Know Your Customer

Understanding your customer’s demographics is one of the keys to building a 7 to 8-figure Amazon business. This provides you with the insights you need to find out the type of customers that buys your product so you would know how to target your ads and promotions.

Today, we’re going to share with you Andy and Nate’s brand’s sale distribution. Check the graph below to see the data:

As you can see from the age distribution, the majority of Nate and Andy’s customers are in their mid-40s to mid-50s. Another important parameter is gender, from the graph above, you can see that the number of male and female customers are pretty close. This set of information is super useful for proper marketing and advertising strategies and will help you communicate with your target audience more successfully. Make more informed customized decisions for your brand by following this data to attract the right customers for your business.


How Did This Couple Almost Quit Amazon in 2020 Reached The Gold Lanyard Status in 2021?

In this week’s tribe spotlight, we are celebrating the success of a power couple, Drew & Morgan! ple, Drew & Morgan!

They met in 2015 and fell madly in love with each other. The following year in 2016, they got married. Morgan wanted to quit her job because she no longer wanted to be trapped in the rat cycle of the corporate world. Drew supported her decision and continued to work in a pharmaceutical company to provide for their family’s needs.

In the middle of 2016, Morgan discovered Amazon and she happily shared with Drew the opportunity that changed their lives forever. They started looking for used books during their date nights on book sales and yard sales and sold them on Amazon.

By the end of 2016, they made $7,000. The following year, they started looking for books on community colleges. They increased their inventory from dozen of books to hundreds of them. They ended 2017 by making 10x of the revenue generated the previous year, which was $80,000.

The following year, Drew decided to leave his job to go all-in in their Amazon business and also to pursue his dream of becoming a minister. Morgan supported Drew and the both of them continued to work hard into growing their Amazon business. By end of 2018, they made $160,000. They did the same thing in 2019 and made $300,000 in total.

It looked like they struck gold and they were on their way up into building a business that could give them all the time and freedom that they wanted. But, in 2020, something unexpected happen, which almost completely ruined them…

In the middle of September 2020, they got hit by 5 inauthentic claims and a 72-hour notice through their Amazon performance notifications. They were able to fix the notice but not the claims. Then, Amazon confiscated more than 5,000 books in their inventory and placed them in a reserved quarantine status. This meant that customers could no longer place any orders for these books.

As a result, they ended their 2020 Q4 with ZERO sales. All seemed hopeless. It took them many long nights before finally making a decision about the future of their Amazon business.siness.

They were ready to quit Amazon forever.

In a last ditch effort, they joined the Amazon Seller Tribe because some other book sellers they knew were in the group…

And had successfully transitioned from book selling to arbitrage selling.

They hopped right into Tribe coaching and attended a live event in Springfield Missouri.

Nate Slamans still remembers meeting them in person and seeing the hopelessness in their eyes as they struggled with what to do next.

Well, they took everything they learned from Tribe coaching and gave it their all. They hit the ground running with arbitrage and in 2021…

They hit over $1,000,000 in sales!!

As you can see, having a support system that you can rely on can make a huge difference in your Amazon journey. The best thing about Amazon Seller Tribe is that it is not just a community where people share everything they know and that works for their business. It’s a place where you can get support in times of your need and where you can share your failures without the fear of being criticized.

Even the top Tribe coaches aren’t afraid to show their loss and failures because they know there are a lot of things other members can learn.

The goal of the Amazon Seller Tribe is to create as many 7-figure Amazon Sellers as possible.

So, if you want to build your own Amazon business using the proven and successful methods Tribe members are using, click the link below to start your FREE trial with the Tribe today:

Start Free 7-Day Trial to Gaye's Amazon Seller Tribe

Learn more on how Gaye is helping create the most 7-figure Sellers in the Industry.


Tribe 7 is the 7th coaching round in Amazon Seller Tribe led by Garry Ray and Gaye Lisby.

This is 100% the best way to get started selling on Amazon.

And with over 100 (now) million-dollar sellers going through Tribe Coaching… the results are unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the industry.

If you are ready to jump into Amazon… or know someone who keeps asking you how to get started.

This is it.

Tribe 7 open enrollment is from now through February 15th.


Gaining $30M of Amazon experience.

Ever dream of hitting huge one-day sales numbers? Well, it’s not impossible. In fact, Andy and Nate just made $350,000 in ONE DAY!

And today, they’ll share with you how they did it and their plans for their own Amazon business moving forward.

Listen as they discuss all of these in this week’s podcast episode.


  • [5:06 to 6:26] Hitting $350,000 sales in ONE DAY!!! 🤩
  • [14:31 to 15:07] Important Tip: Do proper forecasting with your inventory!
  • [18:27 to 19:06] Stocks problem at a crucial time? Think outside the box! 😌
  • [31:49 to 32:04] Success is impossible without discipline! 😉
  • [42:07 to 42:42] You could build a billion-dollar brand too! 💸


Show, Don’t Tell – Sometimes All You Need is Pictures

Most people think that you always need to have a lot of words in your website to convey your brand’s promise to your customers.

But, sometimes, all you need is to show them what happens through pictures.

One brand that does this in a good way is the clothing brand GoodThreads. Instead of saying their clothes are fabulous, they focused on showing what their clothes look like when worn.

If you are creating a new Storefront, or your current one needs a redesign, check out GoodThreads to see if you can pick up some best practices.


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