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How do $10,000,000 brands plan for 2022?

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Published Date: January 19, 2022 at 10:03AM

Scaling a business is difficult, especially if you don’t have a specific goal and action plan in mind. In today’s email, Nate and Andy will over how they built their $10,000,000 brand in two years and their plans for 2022.

Today’s Roundup:

  • The Big Idea: $10,000,000 Brand Planning for 2022
  • Amazon Forum Trends: Sellers share their highs and lows. Join the discussion.
  • Seller Data: Amazon Sales Tracker Report
  • Tribe Spotlight of the Week: How this Amazon Seller Tribe Member Ended Up Earning $750,000 in Sales After Losing His Job
  • Free Social Tool: Download the free BPS social planning tool.


$10,000,000 Brand Planning for 2022

There are a lot of challenges in growing a brand. Of any size. A $10,00,000 brand? Even more challenges!

In the past two years that Nate and Andy were quietly building their 8-figure brand, they faced many such difficulties. They now have over 70 employees employed across all of their brands/companies. Building their team was a huge part of the reason they’ve been able to scale to the level they have, but a big team like this comes with difficulties as well, such as dealing with the personal challenges of each team member.

In fact, December 2021 and January 2022 were especially challenging. Some of their team members from the Philippines were badly affected by the super typhoon and many tested positive with COVID.

Have you been dealing with similar struggles?

As an entrepreneur, you are not only dealing with your business. You are also dealing with the personal lives of your team members, your suppliers, your customers and many other people. After all, they aren’t robots. They are real people with personal problems.

So the BIG question is…

How do 7-figure and 8-figure brands plan?

Here are some of the ways Andy and Nate are looking at close to kick off 2022 right:

  • Establish a BIG goal for that brand that they want to achieve in their business over the next 3 – 5 years and communicate that vision to the team.
  • Break the goal into smaller annual goals so they know where they are tracking against their BIG goal.
  • Divide the annual goals into quarterly goals. These goals should be measurable and actionable. Most people can only stay focused for about 90 days, so having quarterly themes and goals helps accomplish this.
  • Every week have an “all hands on deck” meeting where the whole team reviews the quarterly goal and progress towards the top quarter priorities.

These tips came from the collective knowledge that Nate and Andy gained from different people, books, courses, and experiences they’ve encountered as entrepreneurs the past 8+ years.

If you want to hear about their plans and find out what are the major milestones they are aiming for this 2022, you can listen to their full discussion by clicking the link below.


⚠️Legislation news: New US Senate Legislation S. 2992 got some Amazon Sellers in panic. Some people think that this new legislation could cause 3p sellers to be removed. What do you think about this legislation?

📈New Account Health Support Feature: Account health supports expand on-demand service to all Amazon professional sellers in 2022. Amazon recently launched a new call me now support feature that allows you to speak to one of their account health specialists on-demand, 7 days a week. Have you tried the new button out?

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Restricted Products: Thousands of automotive parts were removed and classified as restricted products by Amazon. The main reason is that these products violate Title II of the Clean Air Act. Are you impacted by this restriction?

Seller Data

$10,000,000 Challenge: Amazon Sales Tracker Report

Andy and Nate are doing a $10,000,000 sales challenge for 2022. In January, their goal is to get to 700,000 Amazon sales by the end of the month. In order to do that, they need to meet an average daily sales goal of $22,580 (blue line).

The orange line is their actual daily sales. This allows them to monitor how they are trending day-to-day. Lastly, the gray line is the average daily sales. It’s an indicator of whether Nate and Andy will meet their goal or not. If the gray line is on or above the blue line, it indicates that they’re doing above the average daily sales required. If it’s below, then it means they’re trending downward.

Analysis: As you can see in the chart, one of their best selling products went down on January 8. Ever since then, their daily sales have been trending downward. However, for the month they are currently still on pace for their sales target.


Reason: Amazon removed one of their best selling ASINs in early January that was doing around $5,000 in sales a day at the time. They received a product restriction notice at the time, but not much explanation on what changed since they had been selling this product for 2+ years. They are 100% confident there is no actual issue and this is just a case of either Amazon bots making a mistake, or potentially even a competitor causing mischief on the backend in a way they can’t quite identify. They are working on getting this product back as it will make a huge revenue difference for the month and year if they can’t. It’s also one reason why they are thankful they have diversified their brand into a number of high performing products and aren’t relying on just 1 for all of their brand growth.


How This Amazon Seller Tribe Member Lost His Job... But Ended Up Selling $750,000

This week we are celebrating the success of our Amazon Seller Tribe members, Mike and Meredith.

They started Amazon in early 2019. At first, their Amazon venture was nothing more than a VERY small side hustle for them. Making a couple of thousand dollars in sales for a whole month was already big.

But, in February 2021, something happened and it changed everything. Mike was working at a National bank in the corporate sales arena. The company decided to let go of his team in a cost reduction measure. It was an unsettling situation for Mike. But, at that point, he and Meredith already decided that it was time to go all-in in their Amazon venture.

They followed the path that Garry Ray laid out in the Tribe training and followed his coaching as close as possible.

On Christmas of 2022, they’ve finally reached their goal of hitting $750,000 in sales!

You can check the pictures below to see how Mike and Meredith succeeded:

The best part is that the Tribe isn’t the same as the other groups out there. Mike and Meredith were learning while earning. They know that there are a lot of things that they could still improve. Just like Meredith and Mike, you’ll also have access to more information than you can handle to explode your Amazon business if you join the Amazon Seller Tribe today.

So, if you want to experience the same success as Mike and Meredith did, you can click the link below to learn how you can join the Amazon Seller Tribe today.

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Gaining $30M of Amazon experience.

Andy and Nate tell their struggles in building their $10,000,000 Amazon brand and how they plan out for those situations.

Hear them share their stories and how they overcome those challenges on this week’s podcast episode. PLUS, they’ll reveal their plans for their $10,000,000 brand this 2022.


  • 22:33 – 23:25 How Setting Milestones Help your Team
  • 22:26 – 24:00 Goal Setting Recommendations
  • 24:39 – 25:14 Expanding into Europe
  • 27:50 – 28:58 Social Goal
  • 30:10 – 31:40 Launch a brand new product line to $1,000,000
  • 31:41 – 32:41 The growth mindset


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